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Our business was established in Dubai in late 90’s as a regional distributor of radio communications products. Technically associated with major manufacturers and vendors worldwide as well as with locally based well reputed enterprises, it has then grown into well-known contender in the field of radio communications service providers capable to supply turnkey solutions from surveying to testing and commissioning of wide range of telecom projects. In line with the ideology of being an integrated solution company, Desert Wireless has gained expertise in technical support and consultancy services in radio communications and broadcast fields that objectively have led to extending of our own research, design and prototyping activities.


Desert Wireless is proud of its team of electronic engineers and technicians with extensive experience and competency in the telecommunications field, who do work hard to build up a reputation providing quality products and services.
The personnel who make up the management team are responsible for all design know-how and management aspects of the company. All staff at Desert Wireless is handpicked for their practical experience, achievement and relevant qualifications.


It is the mission of Desert Wireless to offer a level of products and services unmatched in the radio communications business, servicing customers and clients with state of the art communication solutions based on individual user needs. Our team is ready to assist clients in all phases of setting up advanced communication systems, from idea to implementation.
Thus, briefly stated, our company's philosophy is to forge strong partnership with our customers through the use of technology, know-how and provide them with a trouble-free high quality products and services.

HAM RADIO runs an online store for ham radio equipment and accessories. Almost all of us are active ham radio operators passionate about our hobby. We do export to any country where shipping is possible to. We look forward serving you with the most modern and advanced radios available today!
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