SunSDR2 PRO HF/6M/2M SDR Transceiver

Expert Electronics
SunSDR2 PRO Core Features
  • Independent RX path based on DDC (Direct Down-Conversion) principle
  • Independent TX path based on DUC (Direct Up-Conversion) principle
  • Two software RXs + SubRX for each of them (4 slices total) + independent wideband Bandscope up to 80 MHz
  • Remote control operation, can be arranged by connecting PTT and CW key to the E-Coder panel. Microphone and E-Coder are connected to the PC
  • TCI interface for seamless linking to third-party software
  • Professional TX processing module provides the most advanced voice processing capability
  • ExtCTRL connector to control external devices with 8 powerful open collector keys
  • ALC connector for external power amplifiers*
  • Supports use of VHF transverters**
  • Transceiver can be used as a signal generator via DAC OUT connector (SMA type)
  • Possibility to use external filters in the middle of the RF path, using ADC IN and RX OUT connectors (SMA type)
  • Ultra-low CW Monitoring delay
  • Input for external 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • Possibility to use transceiver in SO2V mode
  • Full duplex or half-duplex modes***
  • Two HF antenna terminals with switch and separate VHF antenna connector (Mini UHF connectors)
  • Internal power-meter for HF and VHF bands and SWR-meter for HF band
  • Ethernet LAN interface provides a fast and reliable connection to PC

lwh: 320x240x90 mm

Weight: 2500 g