BP-500 Smart Battery Pack for TX-500

The BP-500 battery pack is designed to be directly attached to the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 transceiver and provide power to the transceiver from interchangeable Li-Ion 18650 cells (rated voltage 3.7V).
The wide charging voltage range of 13 to 50V allows the battery pack to be charged from a variety of DC power sources: home electronics power supplies, electrical on-board network of various vehicles, solar panels. Provides protection against overheating, polarity reversal.
The battery pack has an indication of the remaining battery charge. When connected to the Discovery TX-500 transceiver, additional battery information is available on the transceiver screen.
Product origin: United Arab Emirates.

  • Directly fits Discovery TX-500 transceiver without additional cables
  • Interchangeable Li-Ion 18650 batteries
  • Ability to install 3 or 6 batteries
  • Wide charging voltage range, 13 to 50 V
  • Ability to charge directly from solar panel
  • Four steps LED charge level indicator
  • Battery parameters are displayed on the transceiver screen
  • The aluminum radiator provides effective cooling of the transceiver
  •  Folding kickstands for easy operation and transportation.

  • Interchangeable Li-Ion 18650 cells (NOT INCLUDED)
  • External charging adapter DC 13-50 V, recommended current 3A
  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 207 × 90 × 21 mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 0.35 kg.

  • M4 × 25 mm screws – 4 pcs.
  • Battery pack BP-500 – 1 pc.
  • Battery charger – 1 pc.
  • Hex key 3 mm – 1 pc.
  • Hex key 2 mm – 1 pc.

Note: 18650 cells are not included